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About Discovery Medicine

1. Discovery Medicine and its Aim

Discovery Medicine, a peer-reviewed open-access academic journal, is listed in MEDLINE/PubMed by the U.S. National Library of Medicine, and Web of Science (SCI-E). It serves as a conduit for disseminating crucial information, knowledge, and insights derived from laboratory, translational, and clinical research. With a commitment to fostering a global exchange of critical information, Discovery Medicine provides a professional publishing platform for scientists, doctors, patients, and the healthcare industry. By facilitating the rapid and widespread dissemination of professional biomedical research information, the journal aims to enhance the productivity and utilization of research findings, transcending the confines of traditional research audiences.

2. Content, Scope, and Format

Discovery Medicine publishes ideas and research findings related to human health. It covers all topics from the laboratory to the clinic, including disease diagnosis, treatment, or any other form of life science subjects. The submissions can be original research or other forms such as reviews, viewpoints, or short comments. Discovery Medicine is committed to the dissemination and exchange of biomedical knowledge, involving resources including but not limited to elucidating the mechanisms of human health and diseases, etiological research and disease prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases, identification of biomarkers, and establishment of diagnostic models.

3. Contributors/Authors

Researchers, scholars, clinical doctors, and other practitioners in the biomedical field.

4. Additional Information about Discovery Medicine

The Journal is indexed by WOS(SCI-E); MEDLINE/PubMed and Scilit. It has a Science Citation Index (SCI) impact factor of 1.4 (published in the Clarivate Journal Citation Reports in June 2023). Discovery Medicine is a registered trademark. ISSN: 1539-6509; EISSN: 1944-7930. For inquiries and support, please contact us.